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Why SEO is Still Important to Grow Your Business?

People browse the internet with search engines for finding products, services or information to fulfill their needs. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of best practices for increasing your ranking and providing greater visibility in the results of search engines. SEO can help potential customers find you online from among thousands of other businesses.

Partnering with a highly experienced, knowledgeable and reliable SEO experts work uniquely to improve your website performance and deliver the better user experience. Our SEO team has worked in the most competitive industries from small and medium businesses to large enterprises. It takes several months or years to see the gains of your investment in their SEO work. So you need to be sure if you're picking the best SEO company to drive more traffic and generate more leads. SocialHi5 is a top Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Company with proven success of achieving the best results for a variety of clients in different industries.

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A 10 Step Guide to SEO Success

Before we jump start your SEO, our dedicated team takes time to evaluate the performance of your website to identify weak spots preventing your conversions.

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Identify Business Goals

Knowing the customer's product/service goals and needs of the target audience is a critical first step to our campaign. Our expert digital marketing specialists work with you to define your end-game and plan out a successful SEO strategy. Investing in the right SEO strategies can make a difference in the modern business landscape.

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Smart Keyword Research

We conduct a comprehensive keyword research analysis to identify high-volume keywords with low competition for your business. Our team analyzes search volumes, competition levels, SERP topics, business relevance, etc. along with other metrics to identify what changes could make a massive impact on your search performance. Our powerful SEO tools are optimized for your website to drive more traffic and higher ranking.

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Technical SEO Audit

By digging diligently through your entire website, we identify your weaknesses to boost your position. We leverage the best SEO tools to find and fix on-site errors in an effective and fast way and boost SEO-optimization.

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Refine SEO Strategy

If there is a slump in SEO after tracking your website traffic and search engine ranking, we will implement a SEO strategy to track the right data and improve the results. Our SEO team will prioritize, fine tune and execute the SEO tactics to drive traffic and improve the current conversion rate within a specified period.

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Advanced SEO Competitive Analysis

In today's competitive landscape, analyzing the competitive landscape and optimizing to overcome them is the key to make your business rank above all competition on the search engine. We can make your website responsive, build your digital business, rank your business within the few spots on search engine results, and make your business stand out in a crowd of competitors.

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Monitor Traffic & Rankings

With Google Analytics and Search Console, we track your website performance including the total number of visits to your website, the search terms your visitors use, average time spent on each page, conversion goals, and much more. These actionable insights show how keyword rankings contributed to traffic for your website, and there can still be opportunities to improve your page or find definitive reason for failure.

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Content Marketing

Content is the king in SEO. Content is an important part in SEO strategy. Our SEO team will create content gap analysis of your site to identify the missing content and build information-rich content assets. With our SEO-based content writing services, our creative team will create quality content around the targeted keywords to drive traffic, rank highly on search engines and stay on top of your competitors.

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Once we've completed our keyword research and mapping optimization, Our SEO team will make effective on-page optimization techniques to correct SEO errors and boost your rankings. This includes fixing 4xx/5xx errors when visitors click on a page, reduce page's loading speed for better rankings, and optimize Title tags and Meta tags to resolve technical issues.

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SEO Reporting

The roadmap to success involves continuous tuning, testing, monitoring and reporting of the performance of your website. Our SEO reporting tools makes it easier to get real-time data showing a general overview of organic traffic, search engine ranking and conversion goals. Our SEO team will position your website to make your brand more well-known and unique among well entrenched competitors.

Mapping optimization

After we identify your business goals, completing the technical audit, analyzing competition and perform keyword research, our SEO strategists will create and execute your optimization plan to take your business to the next level.

The Top 3 SEO Techniques - Which Is Best For Your Business?

SEO is heavily dependent on the various requirements and aspects of any business desiring to excel. With Local SEO, we can help small businesses increase revenue. If your business is attracted to a target international audience, then we will position your business for Global SEO. Our SEO strategy is dependent on your target audience and market share that you can achieve. We have listed the top four SEO techniques to help you stay on top of the ball.

  • Local SEO

    Local SEO strategy enables small businesses to stack up against competitors to appear higher in local search results like Google My Business to boost sales and improve customer loyalty.

  • Global SEO

    International SEO is the process to optimize your website to allow search engines to extend your reach your targeted international audience in a given location.

  • Technical SEO

    If you want to ensure your website is top-notch, optimize your website with comprehensive technical SEO audit tools to dig deeper into your site. Technical SEO audit allows you to analyze your backlinks, check the content quality and make your website better.