Search Engine advertising (PPC)

PPC Marketing Service for your business

PPC can have a major and positive impact on most brand and businesses. If your marketing strategy does not involve PPC marketing, you are most likely losing out some revenue and valuable traffic. And that's the reason most of the ventures join hands with PPC marketing company to grow their business.

PPC contributes to the Goals of your Business

This is one among the major reason to opt for PPC advertising. PPC can help you to achieve your marketing goals. You can count PPC for any type of conversion goal that can be tracked. It is indeed a powerful tool that aligns website traffic to end-goals. In today's era of content marketing, a PPC marketing company can help in nurturing and serving the sales funnel through content for advertising. PPC supports the path your prospects may take, right from awareness to getting converted to a customer. Regardless of the identified goals, campaigns of PPC run by PPC management services can be set up effectively.

PPC for Quick Entry

Are you a start up? No worries, even if you are a decade behind on jumping to PPC marketing, our PPC marketing company will get you run quickly with bits of slight optimization. With PPC, you are never limited to your customer list or existing followers. You can target different set of people, rather than the one who already know your brand. Right from the research to building campaigns, our search engine management service will perform everything in the PPC advertising platform. By joining hands with SocialHi5, you can easily scale up immediately.

What to Expect from our PPC Management Service

ppc advertising service
PPC management services

PPC Strategy

In order to tailor an appropriate PPC campaign, we understand your business, UPS's, competitors and industry sector. Then, we work on a strategy that will best fit to achieve your desired goals.

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The planned strategy will be implemented by running effective campaigns across Google, Yahoo and Bing. Advertising accounts will be created across the networks as required.

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We do a lot of research to derive at the most appropriate keywords that would best match your business. We enable this by utilizing sophisticated techniques to make an extensive search and avoid areas that doesn't match your business.

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Adcopy Writing

We ensure that your adverts are rightly focused to the ad group's keywords and the landing page on the website with a compelling call to action. We do continuous testing to ensure that you get fair traffic at the lowest or allocated budget.

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Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions are considered to be the vital part of PPC campaigns. It transforms your adtext and gives the opportunity to stand a class apart, over your competitors. If you are not using Ad extensions, you are definitely missing the most used marketing technique.

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It is important for the tracking to be set up properly by having all the data that is required to optimize the accounts. This helps in a great way in optimizing a campaign.

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PPC Optimization

We continually focus and refine the ongoing campaigns which helps in pushing the performance boundaries. We have in-house built custom tools that can identify opportunities and drive you ROI by improving your campaigns.

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24x7 Reporting

We provide you 24x7 dashboard which facilitates you with reports that can give you meaningful insights about the performance of your PPC campaigns. It includes cost per lead, cost per sale, details about geographical region driving more traffic, trends of CTRs, CPCs, ad spend and more.

Why Choose PPC ?

  • PPC is Trackable & Measurable
    PPC advertising which is run through Adwords is easy to measure and track. You can view the details of high-level performance which includes clicks, impressions and conversions.
  • Targeted Exposure
    PPC Advertising gives you the option to set the geographical regions (cities, zip code etc) and to schedule your ad for the specific timing to increase ROI.
  • Higher Conversion
    Reaching out to the targeted audience online and cost-effective basis, produces high ROI.
  • Immediacy
    Your ad will appears in the within 15 minutes the campaigns are launched.
  • Alternative To Traditional Advertising
    Compared to newspaper, television or magazine advertising, PPC is cheaper and reaching targeted audience which provides better ROI.

PPC Marketing agency will help you see clearly on what you have spent and what it had driven towards your goals. To know more about PPC marketing, you can contact our search engine management service at (916)476-2427