Call Tracking Service

It is quite significant to know the returns from your investment, as it helps to determine the effectiveness of your business advertisement expenses. This way you get a better understanding about the advertisement. SocialHi5 call tracking system helps to measure the performance of online campaigns and advertisements.

Call Tracking for your Business

At SocialHi5, we understand the significance of client's engagement and hence we facilitate you with call tracking program which points out the campaigns that's being successful and the ones which failed to do so. Our system tracks calls of your customers and also depicts the medium of advertisement through which your customers reached you.

Understand the Market Trend

And the good news is, there is no need for another phone to use our call tracking system. Every advertising campaign that you run will be assigned with a unique phone number, so that the software provides you with the data by tracking the number.

Benefits of SocialHi5 Call Tracking System

  • You can enhance your marketing strategies by understanding what works best for your business.
  • No more guess works about the effectiveness of your website.
  • Know which marketing plan gave the best ROI
  • Do a comparison study between various campaigns and platforms

Features of SocialHi5 Call Tracking System

SocialHi5 call tracking system helps to enhance your front office staff's skills in handling calls and therefore it leads to more new patients. With call tracking system, you can achieve higher conversion rates.

  • Displays the location of the callers
  • Calls recorded for future reference
  • E-mail notifications for missed calls

For any business, both new and existing, all customers need equal importance. When you invest for advertisements, it is important to track the returns, if not your efforts may go in vain. Be it an enquiry or an appointment, people tend to make a call first, hence it necessary to track the calls to analyse the conversion rate. Call tracking enhances the quality of your interaction with your customers. Your marketing plan can always be optimized according to the data extracted from our call tracking system.

You can contact us for a detailed discussion with our marketing experts. If you are planning to grow your business, enabling call tracking system would be a wise decision. It helps you to give quality service to your customers and also builds your brand image.

  • Google My Business Calls - You can track the calls that you have received from Google where your business has got listed. You will also receive e-mail notifications and you can record calls to measure the ROI of your business.
  • Calls from Facebook Ads - You can also measure the calls generated from your Facebook ads, to get a better understanding of the effectiveness of the ads.
  • Calls from Google Ads - Call only Ads are quite popular which helps your customers to directly connect with you rather than visiting the website or filling the forms. The conversion rate of call only ads is comparatively higher than the leads.
  • Calls from Yelp Business - As per Yelp record, after visiting Yelp, 92% of the visitors make a call to enquire details. You can track the calls you receive through Yelp to measure the ROI.
  • Calls from Website - You can check on the effectiveness of your website ads by tracking the calls you receive through your website. This helps in measuring the ROI and identify quality calls.



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500 Text Messages



Per Month

2 local number

2000 local minutes

500 Text Messages

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