What SEO-2019 has in store for us?

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What SEO-2019 has in store for us?

Running with the herd is not always a great idea. Be unique the links will follow!
– Anonymous

This is the ultimate truth when it comes to SEO. If you are an SEO aficionado, this blog is aimed at you. Yes. It intends to throw light on the ways to approach SEO in 2019 and the unsaid trends foreseen by the connoisseurs.

SocialHi5 - AI is driving the future of search

As we all know, Google continues to take the preponderance of the digital search market. The fact that more than 3/4th of the world looks forward to Google in seeking every answer backs this point. Back in those days, the desktop was the only way but now, the answers are delivered in phone or by voice or in both the ways.

Organic search is key to understand the consumer experience

Every customer’s journey is unique. In the recent probing of searchers’ clickstream data, the experts discovered the following.

1. Every customer researches brands thoroughly before buying.
This type of research includes investigating in-depth about all the potential competitors in the market and choosing the one that stands out.

2. The search remains active even after buying.
Consumers seek to make the most effective use of their experience with a service or product.

3. The users have become detail-oriented.
In this case, each detail unfolds a chance for the brand to interact with the buyer.

Search was once an excellent opportunity to move the buyers from one point to the other without diversion from buying. However, times have changed now, and search is a mutual communication channel that helps the brand get a hold of the buyers’ needs and allows the buyers to understand the brand better.

Now let us look into the tips for top search performance in 2019

* Understand the audience(s) and their personas well. It works best if you can master it.
* Understand every minute detail about your potential buyers and also about the yet to be loyal buyers.
* Mine all the necessary data using AI and machine learning. Thus improve competency and scale.
* Look beyond the click.

2019 holds a myriad of opportunities for SEO to thrive and develop. All we have to do is get a hold of it and evolve. Keep watching this space for more.

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