What are the best keyword research tips for SEO and sem campaigns?

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Keyword research is essential for any SEO or SEM campaign. The reason is it promotes your products and services to a broader audience with more qualified leads. It makes no sense if you do not choose the right keywords and have a number one ranking on search engines. You are reaching the audience but not the ones who are looking for what you are offering. Getting the right audience is more important than reaching the audience, achievable only by researching the significant keywords. 

Tips for selecting the best keywords used in SEO marketing

Step 1: The first step is identifying the products and services for which you are doing optimization. After identification, you need to research how people are finding those products and services. Make use of the free Google keyword tool to know how many times keywords are searched every month. Isn’t it amazing! 

Step 2: Once you have got the right keywords through the keyword tool, the best plan of action would be to go through your competitor’s websites and see what keywords they are using. That can be easily done by looking at the title tags. 

Step 3: Next step would be to check what your website has to offer and find out which of your competitors appears on the first page.

Step 4: Take suggestions from Google instant. They show you what people have already searched in the past.

Step 5: To get a complete viewpoint of all your keyword options, use other keyword tools.

Once you have a list of the right keywords, pick the top 5 or 10 keywords and begin with the optimization.

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