Virtual Consultation & Dentistry: The Revolutionary Beginning Of A New Era In Dentistry

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Virtual Consultation & Dentistry

Virtual dentistry allows patients to submit their intraoral images and share their concerns with a virtual dentist who stores and records this information for future use. This is a brief description of how virtual dentistry works. It eliminates the need for dentists and patients to be physically present in front of each other to communicate, carry out treatment plans and get prescriptions. A patient can virtually share their oral issues with a dentist without having to step out of his or her home necessarily. Teledentistry is what makes it possible to achieve this virtual consultation and it will prove incredibly helpful in the times to come as the number of competent dentists around remains on a decline. 

An increasing number of dentists are turning to teledentistry to help patients residing not only in their local area but also outside the geographical boundaries of their cities. Thus, virtual dentistry has very much become a reality and virtual dentists are all set to reap the benefits that it comes with. Virtual dentistry has also been gaining popularity rapidly as it enables patients to get professional help in the hour of need. It has also been successful in resolving some of the issues faced by the dental world, such as the shortage of dentists and difficulty in accessing dental care services. 

Today, patients are being successfully treated via teledentistry. Besides, it has also brought about a change in their lifestyles. They no longer have to go through the extensive procedure of calling a dental office, booking an appointment and driving to the dentists for help. Now, professional advice is just a few taps of the smartphone away. On the flip side of the coin, dentists can expand both their area of operation beyond the vicinity of their towns and their patient base. Virtual consultations also increase their chances of acquiring new patients. 

Contrary to popular belief, virtual dentistry is ideal for not just basic oral treatments. This technology can also be availed in treating more complex oral issues and diseases. For instance, a significant concern of a patient who needs to undergo oral surgery is to find the right oral surgeon. Now, patients can communicate with virtual dentists who have registered for teledentistry via SocialHi5 to get more reliable and better recommendations. This is because such dentists possess a better knowledge of who the reputable surgeons and specialists are. Hence, the patient will have access to timely and accurate information which is essential for someone about to undergo surgery. 

Teledentistry has been a blessing in disguise for those people who reside in areas where viable dental care services are not available, especially the rural areas. People have grown accustomed to the mechanism of virtual dentistry and are now using this secure and useful technology through various dental apps. Virtual dentistry can be used to render a host of dental services, such as:

  • Oral healthcare education.
  • Assessment of risks of oral complications.
  • Preventive dentistry.
  • Tracking a patient’s medication compliance.
  • Providing follow-up services.

Teledentistry has been a saviour for elderly patients who are living in residential facilities. Since a person’s ease of mobility decreases with age, virtual dentistry enables senior citizens to maintain good oral health in the most convenient manner possible. Similarly, vulnerable people (for instance, people who are physically challenged) can also seek expert services when needed without having to overcome barriers such as transportation. Hence, virtual dentistry is proving to be a revolutionary weapon in ensuring good oral health for all. If you too want to begin a new chapter in your practice with teledentistry, reach out to our experts at SocialHi5 to get started.

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