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New arrival of Facebook Canvas Ads

Great content still requires an investment to produce a creative and constructive campaign. The concept of canvas ads is to be directly interacting with the customers through images and stunning visuals directly filled on mobile screens.

Facebook Canvas Ads

Advertisers can upload any combination of video, photos and calls-to-action to promote their products, stories and more. The Facebook Adverts guide helps in the whole process includes building the canvas, Creating immersive canvas ads and Optimization with results. Referring the tutorials will give the overview of how to create and working on it.

To know more on how to create canvas ads click: Create Facebook Canvas Ads – How To

 Tells a story:


The creative capabilities of this platform can be applicable to a lot of different types of ads. This is a specific type of ad domain to build a unique brand identity. By telling a story through facebook canvas ads brings the product much closer to the customer. Today, a brand’s storytelling can be told effectively through social media with the benefit of mobile advertising. The following referral is the YouTube links of coke and American express of facebook canvas ads.

Click: Canvas de Facebook – Caso Coca-Cola, American express Facebook Canvas

Scroll Down: features and benefits

The user can see the kind of micro website as soon as they click on it. This significant canvas ad is designed for mobile which gives both the advertiser and user a mind blowing experience.



  • Curated to make your world more special
  • Greater Advertising benefits
  • Pretty amazing and fast
  • T.A (Call to action) helps in mobile marketing
  • Designed formobile with greater ability
  • Opens quickly and 10 times faster than the normal mobile website
  • To choose the best out of the choices


The below post by Mark Zuckerberg last October shows his vision for creativity to enable better workplace with good productivity. This reflects on the products and service of Facebook canvas ads.



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