How to use pay per click (PPC) advertising to grow your dental practice

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How to use pay per click (PPC) advertising to grow your dental practice

Not using Pay Per Click to grow your dental practice ? It’s high time to reconsider now

Have you seen those ads that appear on the top or right of the search engine results while browsing the internet ? That’s PPC. PPC means paying for the placement of ads that appear in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). PPC for your dental practice can give you more advantage over other marketing methods.

PPC advertising for dentist helps you to maximize your online reach and get your website listed in the first page of the SERP. Pay Per Click marketing will help to make your site appear in front of potential patients who are looking for dental services in your area. Your PPC campaign can be targeted for specific location to attract local internet users towards the dental services you offer. PPC is a great opportunity for dentists like you because of its three main advantages

  • Increased visibility and Recognition to your dental practices
  • Brings more traffic to your site
  • Potential Patient targeting

Getting the most from your PPC advertisement

PPC for dentist is an important component of online marketing to get more new patients to your clinic. PPC has the advantage of immediate exposure and it attracts the particular leads you want for your dental services. People who click on your PPC ads are those who are in need of dental procedure or treatment which you offer. But to get these targeted leads you need to develop a planned PPC campaign. PPC campaign has three main factors to focus on

  • Targeted content
  • Keyword research
  • Demographic research

Using these three strategies in your PPC campaign can increase your revenue which in turn can give you a bigger return on investment.

Now you might wonder why certain PPC ads get good results while some don’t. This is because of the quality score of your ad. PPC ads with high quality scores get notable locations and relish lower cost per click rate. The quality score of your ads is based on three important factors – Consistency, Relevancy and Popularity. So if you create a perfect PPC ad it will do their best to come up in front of your potential patients.

Where can you advertise and where do you send your traffic ?

PPC Ads can be presented on Bing, Yahoo, Google and on any website where the ads can be placed. You should first create a great looking ad that will attract all your potential clients. It should be catchy, clear and easy to read.

Now you have created a good PPC ad, so what’s next ? When a user clicks on your ad they should be sent to a landing page. Your landing page should make them complete an action like calling you, booking an appointment or giving you their email address. The main aim of your landing page should be to convert the users into your clients. The landing page should be impressive and it should not be overwhelmed with information. Landing page should contain only the basic information they need to know about your dental services.

Advantages of PPC

The advantages of PPC for dentist includes the following

  • Quick and measurable results – PPC can get you immediate results which is easy to track and determine the cost per sale or lead
  • Easy to get started – When compared to SEO, PPC is more easy for you to start with. The initial cost to start a PPC campaign is very low and moreover you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
  • Targeted audience – PPC ads makes it easy for you to reach the target audience. PPC ads are often geo targeted so that it appears to the people who are in need of your dental services in your nearby area. PPC also provide you with lot of options like map extensions and click to call extensions.
  • Keeps your marketing budget in check – In PPC you have to bid for each keyword which you are targeting. You can set your budget for PPC campaign and once the limit is reached you can stop your campaign. Another good thing in PPC is you can easily change your budget based on your needs. PPC helps you to earn ROI with any budget size. So you don’t have to wait for a bigger investment to engage in PPC.

Get started with your dental PPC now. It will help to get more exposure about your business to more potential patients who are online. If you are in need of PPC advertising for dentist and dental services then contact a pay-per-click advertising company immediately. They can help you out to get the most out of your PPC campaign.

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