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How To Set Up Your First Adwords Campaign?

For any small business, launching an ad campaign in Google is, big business in the shortest span of time. It is the most efficient and productive way for a small business owner to grow the business. Irrespective of marketing your new business offering or promoting a special sale, launching ads in Google will fetch maximum number of leads which is worth the money.

Though there are plenty of options to execute better targeted campaigns, sometimes we tend to be confused. Below we share how to set up the First Adwords campaign in an effective manner.

Step 1: Identifying prospective keywords for ads targeting
Step 2: Segregating Keywords as Primary and Secondary
Step 3: Ads Creation
Step 4: Location Targeting
Step 5: Call Extensions
Step 6: Site link Extensions

1. Identifying prospective keywords for ads targeting

The success of any ad campaign solely depends on the nature of keywords targeted. Identifying keywords with highest potential for return (ROI), and subsequently targeting those keywords for ads will help campaigns to garner more leads.

At SocialHi5, we perform an extensive research on the business/service through which broad set of keywords are identified. Narrowing down further to achieve exactness in keyword, we do an in-depth study on the product/themes to figure out the potential conversion-centric keywords. This will require a wider analysis of the large chunk of keywords chosen.

2. Segregating Keywords as Primary and Secondary

Now that, let’s say you have identified thousands of potential keywords for targeting. It makes no sense in utilizing all the thousand keywords for targeting. The challenge lies in segregating it as primary and secondary keywords.

How to segregate keywords as primary and secondary?
• Product/theme related keywords with high search volume and high competition are categorized as primary.
• Other keywords with less search volume and less competition can be categorized as Secondary.
However in certain ad campaigns, a situation may well arise, which demands us to utilize secondary keyword as a primary keyword given the uniqueness of the keyword.

3. Ads Creation

Search Ads
The success of search advertising depends on the quality of text ads. Text ads should contain the following elements in order to be effective and a profit-making one.

  • It should be convincing
  • Landing page should deliver on the promises referred in the ads
  • Ads should be written precisely for the target audience
  • Ads should contain primary keywords

Display Ads

Before starting the display campaign, be clear on its objective and what you expect to achieve out of it.
• Do you wish to increase brand awareness or generate leads or nurture leads or drive sales through ads?
Figure out clearly, and then start working on the design part. Keep in mind that your ad should create an impact in the shortest possible duration.
• What is that you want to promote? Is it a special sale or any unique offer? Highlight it in a convincing manner, so as to attract the searchers.
• Call-to-Action messages are mandatory. Only then you can expect maximum number of clicks for your ads.+

4. Location Targeting

Through the location targeting feature, ads can be targeted to specific geographies.
• You can identify the number of audience within the targeted location. This will help you figure out the geography that yields better conversion from campaigns.
• Once you identify the high potential geography, you can optimize the campaigns, fine tune the bidding strategy and maximize performance for that particular location. In this way, you can increase your ROI.

5. Call Extensions

• If the campaign objective is to drive maximum number of calls, then there is no other perfect option rather than adding call extensions to the campaigns.
• You can prioritize call extension over other extension sources. You can set up call extensions at campaign and ad group levels.
• You are at liberty to choose between your own number or Google forwarding number for call extensions.
In this way, you are enabling the searchers with option to opt for a call at a single click, rather than taking them to landing page or website to find the contact number.

SocialHi5 supports businesses with to track the number of calls received, and also the duration of calls.

6. Site Link Extensions

• By adding site link extensions, you are enabling searchers with additional information in the form of additional links.
• In fact, without any premium you are directing people to visit greater number of pages.
• Site links will improve the Click –Through rate and Quality score of ads.
• You can expect manifold increase in number of ad clicks, if you add site link extensions for benefits and other value added propositions of product/service.

SocialHi5 will perform an in-depth analysis of your business, most specifically about target audience. This will give us an impetus to design an effective conversion-centric strategy for search & display advertising which is in tune with your overall business objectives.

If you have any requirement or queries, drop an email to, and we will get back you to you in a while.

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