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As you might have already witnessed yourself, artificiall intelligence is gradually becoming the center of the digital world and the sphere of digital marketing is no exception. Today, artificial intelligence and digital marketing are going hand-in-hand. Millions of marketers all over the world are choosing artificial intelligence to implement various marketing strategies simply because of a known fact – artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing. Let’s take a look into what AI really is, how it can be used in the digital marketing world and how it is changing the digital marketing landscape. 

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can be described as the intelligence portrayed by machines in displaying cognitive functions of humans such as learning, problem-solving, reasoning, etc. Such computerised machines are capable of thinking, responding and performing tasks based on given data. With the advent of new technology, artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly efficient and advanced. It is highly likely that if innovations and advancements continued to progress at the current pace, artificial intelligence might exceed human intelligence one day. 


What are the applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing?

Earlier, marketers did not consider artificial intelligence to be a reliable medium of digital marketing. However, the tables have turned now. Today, world-leading companies such as Amazon, Google, etc. are successfully using artificial intelligence within their marketing strategies. 

Let’s take a look at some of the applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Machine Learning – This type of AI technology enables machines to figure out how to solve problems based on previous data. Thus, a machine essentially “learns” by themselves. In digital marketing, this technology is applied in ad targeting, generation of leads, search engine optimization, and more. This enables business owners to focus on more crucial matters like finances, human resources, etc.

Insight Integration – Artificial intelligence gathers and integrates data collected by different types of software and tools. This helps in customizing digital ad campaigns and targeting them in a way that generates the most leads. Thus, artificial intelligence is capable of analysing data in a much more superior technique than humans. 

Semantic Searches – This aspect of artificial intelligence is concerned with the understanding of user searches by machines to be able to offer the best-customized results. It’s all about understanding the reasons behind user searches rather than focusing on what they are searching for. 

Voice Search & Speech Recognition – This is what is being done by Siri, Alexa and Google Home. This is a type of search method that enables users to search without having to type. The machine grasps what the user is saying and displays results accordingly. With the advancements in technology, the error rate of speech recognition systems is becoming negligible.

Voice Search and Speech Recognition

Chatbots – Chatbots are those tools which are responsible for interacting with clients and customers. You have definitely interacted with a chatbot each time you talk to customer support over chat or place orders online. This makes it easier for businesses to actually be in contact with their customers and clients 24/7 and answer their queries. 

Chatbots for Online Chat

Email marketing – Artificial intelligence helps brands in sending personalised and relevant emails to their clients and customers based on their behaviour. It also helps in optimizing email campaigns to obtain the best results. Thus, brands can reach the right customers at the right time with artificial intelligence via engaging and relevant emails. 

Digital advertising – Artificial intelligence is most successfully used in the field of digital advertising. It analyzes user details (such as age, gender, location, etc.) and offers them the most relevant digital ads. Thus, the performance of such ads is greatly enhanced. Besides, artificial intelligence also helps marketers to analyze even the tiniest of trends and also predict trends. This helps them to make marketing decisions accordingly. 

Marketing Content – Artificial intelligence allows marketers to generate the best results via content marketing by identifying the most useful contents pertaining to user behaviour. It gives insight as to what type of content works best for a given segment of the market and creates content accordingly. 

Content Curation – Artificial intelligence helps brands to come up with the most relevant content that is personalized to meet the needs and expectations of each individual customer. It builds up information about each visitor over time to generate better suggestions with time. It also creates dynamic emails that cater to the personal preferences of individuals. 

Content Curation

What are the different tools used for artificial intelligence?

Here are a few of the artificial intelligence tools that you can use for digital marketing. 

Grammarly – This is a simple but effective AI tool. It proofreads contents and helps you develop error-free contents. It also compiles your most common errors to help you avoid them in future. 

Chatfuel – This platform helps you create effective Facebook bots that communicate with your clients, customers and leads before handing them over to your staff at the exact right time. It helps you handle a huge volume of customers and clients at a significantly lower cost. 

Cortex – This is an email marketing tool that performs several effective tasks such as refining the subjects, identifying the right time to send emails, tracking user responses and much more. 

There are several other artificial intelligence tools like Sensai, Slackla, GumGum, ManyChat, Cogito and so on. 


What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence? 

Here are some of the many benefits that you can enjoy by introducing artificial intelligence in your digital marketing strategy. 

Efficiency – Artificial intelligence can help you with effective marketing techniques. This not only increases your revenues but also helps you expand your business. 

Saving time – Using artificial intelligence in the digital marketing segment will undoubtedly save you a lot of time. You can use this valuable time to handle more critical aspects of your business. 

Reduction of expenses – Artificial intelligence leads to error-free marketing strategies if utilized appropriately. This saves money which would have been otherwise used to hire more employees or rectify costly marketing errors. 

Artificial intelligence has become a valuable tool for digital marketers. If you haven’t incorporated it yet, this is the right time to make your move as artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing.

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