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The unimaginable outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has affected just about every vertical. In the latest months, a ticking question on every mind is, ” How is Covid-19 impacting SEO, organic traffic, and performance?” The answer is not a surprise to anyone because it depends on the type of industry. Search traffic portrays human behavior, so different industries are affected differently. There has been a significant fall in websites’ organic performance in some cases, whereas some verticals like healthcare and essentials have experienced a remarkable rise in the same. 

One intriguing development due to the pandemic on Google search pages is the start of many new stimulated panels related to ‘coronavirus.’ These panels offer disease-related information to the users generally taken from WHO. Users get the results displayed related to safety tips, emergency alerts, affected areas, and symptoms. 

Long term effect on search trends!

One most significant trend in the history of Google’s search is definitely COVID-19. Users are searching for information related to coronavirus and searching for the stock market’s extremities. Long-tail keywords are like SEO service company becoming very popular. For example, Pandemic vs Epidemic, best movie/series to watch during quarantine/lockdown, shops open nearby, and many more. 
These kinds of search pressure the marketer to develop effective strategies and combinations of correct target keywords. There is a high possibility that searches related to coronavirus will sustain for a long time along with future banking, how will traveling start, when will schools reopen, the future of education after covid-19, and many more like that. 

What should be the response of businesses and SEO?

A large population is working from home today. Therefore businesses and SEO services companies will get enough time to draw-up and implement effective online marketing strategies, be it for sanitizers or mask brands, or global media agencies. 
Experts suggest that SEO’s and businesses should overtake the curve and use various ideas and techniques to keep an updated and optimized website. 

Want to improve your visibility?

The level of competition is expected to take a hike after the pandemic. Prepare yourself today by contacting us at SocialHi5 and we will offer your business the best digital marketing strategies and professional SEO services for growth. We will prepare you better for today and the unavoidable tomorrow. 

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