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Reading the title, you might be thinking, are the rules for social media marketing different for dentists? Why are there tips only for them? Well, to answer the question, the rules for dentists are a little different. While most businesses need to convince their audience that they need this product right now, dentists are in a much more unique position. Everyone knows they need to go to the dentist. But most people either forget or let their fear hold them back. So, a dentist’s marketing strategy sort of relies on convincing people they are not Halloween monsters. They need to help patients overcome their fear or ambivalence before they build trust and loyalty. 

So how should dentists go about social media? 

  1. Click to Call Adds: When people look at a dentist’s advertisement and don’t see an easy way through which they can make a call, they’ll just move on to the next ad or give up. Thus, when dentists and other healthcare providers market, the end goal is to ensure prospective patients make an appointment. Click-to-call ads are efficient in accomplishing this goal. They are available on Facebook and Google Ads and provide a direct line between the patient and the dentist. 
  2. Be Funny: The truth is, a lot of people are afraid of going to the dentist. They don’t want to get a root canal or get criticized for their brushing technique. The best way to eliminate this fear is to humanize yourself—and the most effective way to do that is through humor. Utilize your Twitter and Instagram accounts to be witty by utilizing the latest meme trends, and you will probably find a long line at your office’s doorstep. 
  3. Go Live: People have a lot of questions about dentists and oral health. Why should I floss? How much does wisdom tooth extraction hurt? How much will veneers cost me? These are all valid questions, and it’s much more likely that people will stop by your practice when you answer these questions. Be informative, assuage their worries, and you’ll find people flocking to you. Use the features on Instagram and YouTube and, as it also helps increase your social media presence. 

Dentists need to improve their brand image more than most professions. People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what you do, and taking charge of the narrative is one way you can change it. 

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