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Dental Facebook Advertising Company

Use of Facebook has reached greater heights both at personal and official levels. All Thanks to its cheap advertising cost and expanded brand reach compared to traditional advertising channels. With a total base of 1.35 billion active users and 757 million daily users to its credit, business owners across sectors have started realizing the immense potential of Facebook, coupled with the positive impact it can bring about to the business.

Much interestingly another survey points out that more than 49% of Dentists use Facebook professionally posting informative updates on Dental care, sharing some unique tips on cosmetic dental care and other dental related stuffs. In fact many dentists use Facebook as an avenue to acquire prospective patients through referral programs. So, now you can understand how much worth it is to market your profession in Facebook? It’s high time you jump into the Facebook bandwagon and discover the best it has to offer your service.

Guidelines to set up professional presence:

Check In:
The Idea is twofold – Encouraging patients to Check In their Location through facebook. Through this the entire Facebook contact base of the patient will get to know about patients’ presence in your dental clinic. This exercise will expand your brand reach further.

Be in Touch:
Never lose contact with your patients who have availed treatment at some point of time. Add them to your facebook page, chat with them occasionally and seek some prospective reference for them. Own an elaborate data base of

Promote new blogs:
To make Facebook advertising truly effective, you should post health related articles, update your status on weekly or monthly basis. This allows patient to involve with your business on special stage and it will solidify your business. If readers find your content interesting, they will like and subscribe your page to receive regular updates and this can increase patient satisfaction. So make sure utilize it as much as possible.

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Introducing clients to your team:
People often move to new place, they need a dentist. You can introduce your staff through their pictures, profiles and short biographies about them on Facebook. You can even upload videos of staff and facilities to increase your practice awareness among clients. Supporting your team on forum is a great way to show your patients that you care.

Build Innovative contest:
Engage clients with creative contests highlighting send us your best smile and win discount in teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures. Make sure to add an update about the contest winner, perhaps complete with a picture of them claiming their prize.

Services Offered:
Use your Facebook wall to remind patients about popular services you offer. For example, create a post that says, “We are expert in whitening your teeth”.

Facebook Advertising – Primary goal is to generate leads and smile. Call today!”

This post can be accompanied with the picture of one of your patients with pleasant smile as added clients for their dental practice. Through Facebook we are able to drive phone calls to dentists in and around California. Statistics shows average of 35 – 40 calls per month with average call duration 5 minutes 40 seconds. Communication is the key to deliver solid message and currently Facebook is the leading way to communicate. It makes sense that any business, even a dentist’s office, would get profit from using Facebook as an advertising tool. Above, I have mentioned few steps to promote your brand via Facebook.

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