Ad Blocking

Ad Blocking

The digital marketing industry often works towards incremental change in search of greater profits. They fight strongly for a slight increase in the ROI percentage. Ad blocking is a challenge to all the marketers that is costing billions. Ad blocking is nothing new. It’s been around for years but this is its first foray into mobile.

Ad blocking is a detriment to the entire advertising agencies and marketers whose business depends only on ad revenue. The best way to handle this problem is to deliver compelling ad experience that users won’t block.

A good ad experience could stop users from using Ad blocking. An introduction of Ad-blocking software has made the users spend more time in online in an ad-free environment.

The advertising industry as a whole needs to improve their ads in order to reduce the blocks by the people. Adding more value to the ads is the only way to survive in the ad blocking world. Create ads that attract people and will not motivate them to remove your ads.

Listed here are four steps that can be taken in order to ensure brand success


Respect Consumers

Successful advertising is about respecting user behavior. Your ad should not interrupt the app content and should appear during natural breaks. Advertisements should reach the users at the correct time. Timing will increase brand favourability, respect, and purchase intent. Brands can attract audiences when the happiness levels are at peak during the most positive engagements.

Think Creatively

More innovative and inventive ads are the most attractive ones. Creativity is the reason for the advertisement to flourish. New mediums and more expansive capabilities are required to bring this creativity into action. 

Demonstrate Relevance

Always provide content that is relevant to the app or site where the ad appears. Only such ads will make sense to the users when they see it. Ads with irrelevant content will automatically be removed by the users. More relevant ads are expected to receive high click through rates as they make the people more happy and make them believe that the ad has some useful information for them.

Address the root of the problem

Mobile ads are often more slow in downloading and sucks a lot of data. These are the two major reasons why the users look forward to mobile ad blocking. As advertisers, you are responsible for improving load time and the overall content of the ads. The publishers can control only the content delivery. So optimize the content to enhance and add value to the user experience.

Ad blocking is acting as a catalyst for change in advertising and media. This technology will continue to evolve and changes will continue to affect the advertisers and digital marketing agencies. All these tips will help you to increase brand awareness among the people. People will no more pay to remove you. You will start gaining new and loyal customers. Be prepared to adapt your campaign, improve creativity and diversify your digital marketing.

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