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Why is an effective dental implant marketing strategy crucial for dentists?

Decayed or missing teeth is a common occurrence in people between the ages of 20 and 64. As a result, the demand for dental implants is pretty significant out there. Dental implants have made the lives of thousands of people easier and more convenient since its inception. However, more people remain in the dark when it comes to the life-altering benefits of dental implants. Hence, as a dentist, you can play a massive role in turning this around by educating more and more people about dental implants. 

This is the right time to invest in dental implant marketing and attract new patients by spreading the correct information. Putting foolproof strategies in place will undoubtedly result in a hike in your patient acquisition rate and your revenues.

So, how can you adapt your marketing strategies to bring in more implant patients?

Dental implants marketing is a bit more challenging than other dental procedures. After all, no one likes the idea of having a titanium screw surgically placed in one’s jawbone. Consequently, you have to be very careful and smart while marketing your dental implant services. We, at SocialHi5, are here to help you ace a perfect dental implant marketing strategy. Below you will find the answers to all your queries regarding dental implant marketing.

1. Should you focus on a location-based implant marketing strategy?

As mentioned earlier, the need for dental implants exists significantly in the market. However, patients often like to see a dentist in their local area due to various reasons like convenience, reduction of transportation costs, easy access, etc. Hence, you can identify your potential patients’ geographical locations and focus more on those who belong to the area of your office. In doing so, you can create a radius of the target around your office rather than entertaining any and all leads. Once you have your local people’s support and confidence, you can broaden this radius and come up with appropriate campaigns to expand your practice.

2. Can a website help in acquiring more implant patients?

Internet penetration is increasing by the hour. Today, almost everyone has access to the internet. Naturally, people go online in search of answers, more information or the services that they require. So, when they need a dentist for dental implants, they look for providers online and rely heavily on search engine results. Thus, having an optimized and mobile-friendly website will drastically bring in real results for your practice. Make sure that your website conveys all the necessary information about your practice – office hours, the dental implant procedure, treatment plans, contact information, and so on. When patients get all the information they need in just a click, they are bound to find you more appealing and reliable. 

3. Should a blog be a part of your implant marketing strategy?

A blog is the most crucial aspect of your dental implant marketing strategy next to a website. Make sure that your website has a blog page containing blogs on various topics. Use this platform to further educate your audience about what dental implants are and how they can change one’s life. Not having a blog on your website will make it come across as dated and search engines do not display such websites on their top pages. When a prospective patient, who needs dental implants, lands on your website, he or she must have all the information he or she needs to decide in favor of your practice. Blogging tells your patients that you possess extensive knowledge about dental implants and are updated with the latest techniques and equipment.

4. Are social media platforms of any use to market dental implants?

You may not see the need for investing in a social media marketing strategy as part of your dental implant marketing plan. However, you need to clean your glasses and see it again. Social media platforms have billions of active users. Among them, Facebook leads the way in having the most number of active users – 1.3 billion. If you do not have a social media strategy, then you are missing out on a massive chunk of the market. Start your own social media channels, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Post engaging content about dental implants regularly and build healthy relationships with your followers by interacting with them. You will see an overwhelming increase in your potential leads via an impeccable social media plan.

5. Should you be worried about your online reputation and reviews?

In these digital times, people rely on online reviews almost as much as personal recommendations. Just a handful of bad reviews against your practice can have drastic effects on your business. So, how can you maintain your online reputation and monitor reviews? One way is via a review management software. Such software will encourage your patients to rate their experiences and drop a review on websites like Google. More positive reviews would lead to more patients and higher search engine rankings. Also, always respond to online reviews to show people that you appreciate their judgment and care about their health.

6. Should you monitor your dental implant marketing campaigns after they have been implemented?

You must check the performance of your campaigns regularly. This will help you in identifying what is working and what isn’t so that you can make changes accordingly and not repeat the mistakes in future. There are various tools, like Google Analytics, which can help you track every aspect of your campaigns. Not knowing which strategies are working better than others will have you investing in plans that are not producing any result. 

At SocialHi5, we take pride in our team of dental implant marketing professionals who possess unmatchable expertise and experience. To know more about dental implant marketing, feel free to contact us. 



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