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Social Media Advertising For Your Dental Practice

Today Facebook is flooded with flocks of users. The effect of which, assorted information ranging from good to accurate, and from legitimate to crap has made headway into it. It is a brand new social world considered to be a “cyber home” for many new generation audience. They depend on Facebook for anything and everything. Right from finding out reviews of any business/service up until verifying its credentials, Facebook mean a lot to many. And that’s the reason why Facebook is flocked by millions and billions of users every second. Businesses battle it out to woo audiences and expand their brand reach. Are you ready to battle it our Facebook? Explore what Facebook mean to your dental business below.

Categorically speaking, no other medium provides you sufficient depth to fish out new customers for your business as like Facebook. The number of users is mind-blowing. No way comparable with other social media networks. Kick starting Facebook advertising for customer acquisition starts with creation of Facebook business page, which gives insight about clients’ business.

How will SocialHi5 help you in acquiring new customers to your Dental Care?

  1. Creating Customized Ads
  2. We create custom Facebook ads for your business based on your requirement you provide. For Example, if you run a special offer this weekend for dental cosmetics, ad copies will be created highlighting the offer. We go an extra mile in ensuring clients’ brand consistency in the newly created art work. What is an ad worth without a catchy call-to-action button? You can be assured of a response-provoking call-to-action button for better response and to track the conversion rates.

  3. Interest based Targeting
  4. After creating conversion centric ads, we commence our research work on how best to execute the ad. The focus will be on to obtain good impressions and better conversions. Our social media marketing experts brainstorm and arrive at the potential target audience list against whom the ad should be targeted, and upon which we run the ads.
    By doing so, your ads will be visible to those users with similar interests. For example say, a user who has shown interest in dental cosmetics and in receiving dental care tips will be able to view your ads.

  5. Location based targeting
  6. We do location based targeting for your ads; target it against users residing in the same locality, or at surrounding areas with close proximity to your business, enabling you to bring back prospective local customers under your fold.

  7. Tracking Conversions
  8. At the end of the day, determining the Conversion Rate is going to be very crucial, since the foundation for the forthcoming activity solely rests on the conversions attained out of the present day activity. Our Social Media Analytics Experts with the help of an in-built analytics tool will share you a razor-sharp analytics report that will give you insights on the Number of calls received, Total number of sales and Total number of leads acquired, all with specific reference to unique campaigns. Moreover the performance of each activity will be supplemented with a colored graph chart for an easier understanding.

We are ready to assist you with our Dental Facebook Marketing Service. Call us @ (408) 462-0445 or Drop us an email with your requirements to

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