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Know the Power of video advertising

As per an emarketer report ,the US digital video advertising market is on track to nearly double by 2019 from its 2015 value of 7.46 billion USD ( across both desktop & mobile devices) in to 14.77 billion USD  in 2019!
As per the prediction of  You Tube’s VP of Global Content, Robert Kyncl  ; video would soon account for about 90% of the total internet traffic worldwide!

So what are the factors driving this increased spend on video ads

  • According to a Forrester research, peple tend to retain 58% more in their memories when both the auditory & visual senses are stimulated.
  • If your company is planning advertising on you tube, then you are headed in the right direction, as You tube is ranked as the second biggest search engine online!
  • Video carries the inbuilt potential to get shared & go viral.
  • Today’s generation prefers video over text as statistics show 80% are watching more online videos today than they were an year ago!
  • About 52% consumers surveyed confirm that watching product videos makes them more confident while puchasing online.

If you are looking to leverage video advertising to grow your business, then what should be top 5 qualities you would need to look for in a good video advertising agency

  • Sound Creative Strategies which are customized, up to date & devised to cater to specific buyer segments of each client.
  • Good Planning & Implementation; a good internet marketing strategy does not just end with design, it begins with market research moves to content publication and promotion all of which are implemented with ease & precision.
  • Thoroughly understands various forms of Internet Promotion to maximize client’s ROI.
  • Excellent Time Management skills: it’s often said that a good advertising agency relies on SMART goals (S-Specific, M- Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Relevant, T- Time based) In other words, goals are executed of excellent quality in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Problem Solving/ Client Feedback: As problems might inevitably arise when internet marketing processes are rolled out, a good agency comes with proficient decision making skills and offers comprehensive alternatives to arrive at sound solutions with client consultation.

SocialHi5 is one such agency carrying every hallmark as listed above as testified by its huge clientele! It’s a New Generation Digital Advertising Agency specialized in driving Quality Leads & Huge Branding for your business. Using a data- driven ROI optimization technology, it targets the right audience online and drives, sales & phone calls to drive business.

Whether you are looking for Search Advertising, Display/ Retargeting/ Facebook promotion or SEO optimization, get in touch with SocialHi5 today!

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