New arrival of Facebook Canvas Ads

Great content still requires an investment to produce a creative and constructive campaign. The concept of canvas ads is to be directly interacting with the customers through images and stunning visuals directly filled on mobile screens. Facebook Canvas Ads Advertisers… Continue reading →

SocialHi5 being Awarded Premier Google Partner Status

SocialHi5 is proud to announce that we have been recently awarded the Premier Google Partner Badge. It has always been the vision of our company to partner with Google and continues to expand and grow our business. Now our entire… Continue reading →

Ad Blocking

The digital marketing¬†industry often works towards incremental change in search of greater profits. They fight strongly for a slight increase in the ROI percentage. Ad blocking is a challenge to all the marketers that is costing billions. Ad blocking is… Continue reading →

Expanded Text Ads for Adwords Campaign

Less than two weeks ago, Google released a much awaited Adwords feature – Expanded Text Ads. It has been expected for a very long time. These Expanded Text Ads offers some really exciting changes to the length and parameters of… Continue reading →

Google Announces New Changes in Mobile Search Results

Google has announced new changes in Mobile search results which includes the following two. Removed Mobile Friendly label from Google Mobile Search Results Google has officially removed mobile friendly label from the search results. Before 2 years, Google added mobile… Continue reading →

How to use pay per click (PPC) advertising to grow your dental practice

Not using Pay Per Click to grow your dental practice ? It’s high time to reconsider now Have you seen those ads that appear on the top or right of the search engine results while browsing the internet ? That’s… Continue reading →

Target Ads by Email Addresses in Adwords With Customer Match

Target Ads by email addresses ? For the first time ever, Google has introduced “Customer Match“, where you can upload your customers and promotional email list to Adwords and target those in list in the Adwords. Targeting custom audiences by… Continue reading →

Save Money Through Retargeting in Online Advertising

The average rate of conversion on a website is just a little over 2%. That means majority of users leave a website without buying or performing any action. This is where retargeting in online advertising is gaining importance. Contact any… Continue reading →

How Can Dentists Score Big With Facebook Ads?

Wait. We are talking about dentists and Facebook. How does it match up? Turns out, Facebook is just the thing that you have been looking for. With more than 100 billion users, Facebook is almost like an addiction that one… Continue reading →

Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Dentists

Having over 900 million active users, Facebook is fast emerging as the most popular platform for marketing and featuring advertisements. Most of the companies and professionals have taken use of Facebook advertising in their favor. It goes same for physicians… Continue reading →

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